Anton McConville
Digital Designer & Developer
My Csc Assignment

A little while ago I wrote about the corporate service corps assignment that I’ll be working on in Brazil this August. I want to try and blog about the experience as I go along.

This week I learned a little more. I learned who the people in my group will be, and where they come from. There are a dozen people on my team, from eleven countries:

Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Singapore, Slovakia, USA, Vietnam

Or in map form:

Where our CSC group comes from

I’ll be working and hanging out with them for four weeks, so I have the opportunity to learn not just about Brazil’s culture, but about culture from eight countries I’ve never been to. It inspires me to think about the diversity of culure, skill and experiences - how they’ll blend. Feels a bit like an experiment as well as an adventure!

Our pre-work for the assignment is beginning. We are interviewing each other and learning. So far I’ve talked with three participants, and from the brief time we’ve spoken it seems clear they are curious in nature, open and interested in the world. Interested in each other, in travel, language … there’s a positive energy so far.

Today I submitted my cover letter and resume, hoping to offer web and mobile design and development skills to a non profit.

I’ll write more as I learn more … it is nice how the lens is focusing slowly on the assignment.