Anton McConville
Digital Designer & Developer
The Wiz

Really liked NBC’s ‘The Wiz Live’ tonight, so I thought I’d take a quick look on social media to see how people reacted.

I’ve been experimenting with Insights For Twitter on IBM Bluemix and used the Decahose which offers a 10% glimpse of sampled Tweets over a time period. There were 108285 tweets for #TheWiz … which means in reality there were over a million of them all told - by 11pm EST! Impressive. Big Data!

So I loaded the Tweets into Watson Analytics which is a quick, fun way to explore data visually and with natural language. I reduced the size to 60,000 tweets for sampling in Watson Analytics.

Here are a few stats - these are quick, and based on the sample set at around 11pm EST:

Tweets by state:

Tweets per state

By Twitter Client ( Aqua green is Twitter for iPhone, Lime green - Twitter for Android, Blue - Twitter for web ):

Tweets by Twitter Client state

Tweets by gender ( women in blue, men in green )

Tweets per gender