Anton McConville
Digital Designer & Developer
Blogging Again

After my WordPress blog was hacked a few years ago ( for the second time ) I kind of stopped blogging. It was a little upsetting to lose the blog posts that I’d written, but moreso it was frustrating to figure out a new platform to use for blogging, securely.

What I really wanted was one that didn’t rely on php for one thing, ideally that didn’t need a server. What I wanted most of all was a way to write in markdown, and have my blogs streamed to me via jsonp, so I could consume and style them with standard HTML, JS and CSS.

I think Wordpress Calyspo may be a step in that direction.

I tried making a system myself using Google Spreadsheets as a data source, but it is tricky to put it all together, with xml feeds, archives, tagging and so on. So my blogging mostly ground to a halt, but for Medium and our work blog.

I moved my site to GitHub pages a couple of years ago, and haven’t really looked back. It’s a wonderful way to build your site, by commmiting to Git. Naturally I thought I’d try Jekyll since that’s the blog designed for GitHub pages. It seemed still a little too much to learn just to blog, and style a site at first. It still bothers me that Blogging is so complicated. In any case, I tinkered away enough to get things sort of going with a blog again.

There are posts that I want to write, that don’t fit on Medium or on my work blog. And there are a few ongoing projects that I want to try blogging about. So, let’s see how things turn out with this fresh attempt at blogging!